30 Second Previews

Few 30 second previews of some our wedding work

Wedding Montages

View some examples of what a wedding montage looks like.

Reception Montages

View some examples of what a reception montage looks like.

Love Story

View some an example of what a love story looks like.

Other Services

Rock Cottage Media knows there are many other needs for professional videographer services outside of the wedding aisle. From dance recitals, to internal company videos, to music videos, the possibilities for video needs are endless. And with experience in the television industry, we can even provide freelance services for news media outlets. Contact us today to find out how we can work with you on your project!

Company Videos
Rock Cottage Media was able to produce a unique viral video campaign for Shipwreck Bar and Grill based on the popular show Deadliest Catch.
Promtional Videos
New website? Business? Organization? Let us help you put together a video that will let viewers know what you are all about.
Freelance Video
Need a videographer? Chances are we can help. With experience in the Broadcast industry, there is just about no job that is out of reach.